Soojin unnie, what do you think of Luhan oppa's lawsuit?

Luhan was my first bias before Kris kicked him down to the second spot..so yeah, both of my bias are now out of EXO.

As much as I wanna keep it to myself, I honestly saw this one coming. There’s even a rumor going around that Lay and Tao would eventually quit and would start a group in China with Kris and Luhan. SM Ent had said that there’s someone behind the boys’ actions, well, yeah..there must be someone..but who knows. Luhan’s health had deteriorated, maybe mainly because of fatigue from their series of concerts, so yeah, health comes first.

Whatever Luhan has in mind right now, let’s just continue supporting him like we did to Kris. We’ll surely see him again with that bright smile and free spirit.

Luhan oppa, fighting! :)

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What will CNU, and Gongchan do if their girlfriend ask them for a date, like where they will take her and activities? Sorry I don't know if my english is okay? Thanks!

Oh DATE with B1A4 boys are awesome, and you’re English is really good. *thumbs up*

CNU would definitely take you for a night out in Namsan Tower, you would both eat in this really cozy but fancy restaurant and would end up the night walking on the roof deck stargazing, with a cup of coffee in hand. You’d then, realize he’s holding your hand as you walk on.

Gongchan would take you to an amusement park. You’d enjoy the day playing with him, it will really feel like you’re a kid all over again. He’d make you run after him and would halt in an instant when you’re nearing him, and would catch you in a bear hug (bear hug suits CNU more ehhrrm?? LOL!) then would challenge you to run to a ride on the roller coaster. A date with Gongchan at the amusement park would be really awesome!!

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What would Suga bae, Jin and V be doing if their girlfriend is on their period and doesn't want to see them? Hahaha, and same for Sehun, Lay, Chanyeol..

Lol, this question is making me laugh.

(BTS boys)

Suga would all be like—Ow..red alert..red alert!! He’d retreat the room quietly, but would go back on the evening with a chocolate cake, he’d go bragging that he took some time to decorate to calm down your nerves.

Jin would really be confused, but then he’d realized you might be on your period. He’d immediately get his way to the kitchen and would cook food for you. Now who won’t want that? He’d even serve your food on tray to your bed, and would say sorry from time to time. Jin: I’m sorry..you can eat this to ease a little pain, or you want me to get you something else?

V, now V is really weird, he’d go out like Suga with a big pout on his lips. He’d end up talking to Namjoon and Jin about it, and would then realize you might be in pain. Upon hearing their sides, V would immediately run back home. V: whether she scold at me or not, I’m gonna hug her.

(EXO boys)

Lay would be flustered when you scold him, and would end up like Suga or Jin, either baking you a cake or cooking you a good food. He’d even get his guitar and would sit on a near chair and would play a lovely soothing music for you.

Sehun would be like V in terms of action, but he won’t go home empty handed. He’d drop by the nearest family mart to get instant ramen for both of you, upon arriving; he’d diligently prepare them and would sit with you quietly.

Chanyeol, like Lay, might end up sitting on the room with you and would start strumming on his guitar. Once you ask him to get some stuff, he’d immediately run outside to get whatever you want.

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hmm, what would vixx be doing if they are in an argument..I mean if the whole group is fighting.. ^_____^

If the VIXX boys are fighting..

N would immediately become the peacekeeper. Being the leader he was, he’s a natural peacemaker, he’d ask all the boys to calm down and would ask them to hear out each other sides.

Ken would be the troublemaker..loljk, he’d be the most loud along with Ravi, both of them could end up into a brawl, rather than talking about the problem civilly. (tho I know they won’t do that..haha!)

Hongbin would be like pouting like a little kid and could have the tendency to just keep his mouth shut while he helps N to break off the fight.

Hyuk would be the one who’d gonna scream on top of his lungs just to get their attention and would eventually join in the brawl of Ken and Ravi much to their surprise. Hyuk: Never underestimate the power of the maknae!!

Leo would be like— …………. You’re all grown up ass. Loljk, he’d quietly break off the fight and would guide each member to different parts of the room, making them all sit away from each other. Every time someone would try to stand up, he’d immediately glare at them and would speak in a soft voice. Leo: (I’m seriously gonna kick all of you if you dare stood up..) Now, N speak.

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Hello unnie!! I would like to ask how would the boys would react if you are showering and then they came in.. hmm, it's Ken, Leo, and Ravi of VIXX, and Lay and Kai of EXO.. thx unnie!! ~~xoxo

What would the boys do? Well, honestly..they’d like what they saw..haha! Boys are still boys.

(VIXX boys)

Ken: you’d instantly know if he walks in, he’d be flustered for a second then would instantly mutter his endless apologies with red face. Chances are, you’d gonna scold him to get out of the bathroom while covering your body using your hands. Ken would, then, be nervously getting his way out. Ken: I should, at least, have been quiet..but..her bod—-omo, I’m so sorry.

Leo: well Leo would be embarrassed big time here, as quietly walks in, he’ll manage to walk out without you noticing it. He’d even lock the door for you when he goes out. He’d, then, let out a sigh of relief once the door closed. Here’s the catch, he’d blush once he looks at you, and would always remember how you looked like without those clothes. Leo’s thought: I SHOULDN’T BE THINKING ABOUT THIS!

Ravi: Oh Ravi! We all knew how much he likes dirty stuff. Loljk. But anyways, like Ken, he’ll be flustered for a second but he’d regained his composure in a matter of seconds and, like Leo, he’d walk out quietly. Once outside, he’d immediately ran to the other bathroom..because-you-know-why. He’d never forget how you looked like and would be really acting awkwardly when he remembers that. Ravi’s thought would be like: OH GOD WHY?! Her body is so perf—-GAHHHHHHD!! *face palm.*

(EXO boys)

Lay: Upon entering the bathroom, his face would immediately turn red with his mouth wide open, you’d be the first to notice him. He’d just snap out of it when he hears your scream and then he’d immediately close his eyes as he say sorry. He’d run outside. Yeah..literally outside the house and won’t be returning back unless he knew you’re not home anymore. Then he’d send you another apology via kakao talk or sms. Lay: I promise that I haven’t seen everything..sorry~~ And you’d be guilty ‘cause it’s partly your fault on not locking the door. LOL!

Kai: Well, I always forgot that he’s the second maknae. Though we all knew how sexy he was. He’s still a kid; once he goes in he’d immediately turn his back and would go out quietly. But like the other boys, he’d be like.. Kai: I saw her boo—body..oh my God.

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Ask box is now closed..and honestly, there’s not much to answer. So I’ll post the requests/answers tomorrow. ;)


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Gon’ be (Hyper)active this weekend!!
RULES:- You may send in multiple requests anon or not.- Please SPECIFY THE MEMBER you’re asking for. (—‘course specially for EXO..lol!)- Yes, you may send in R18 requests.. (but Jungkook is too precious for this..LMAO, who am I kidding?)- ASK BOX will be open until tomorrow midnight (2014.10.10; 12am KST.)- ANSWERS will be posted over the weekend. (2014.10.11 - 2014.10.12)

Gon’ be (Hyper)active this weekend!!

- You may send in multiple requests anon or not.
- Please SPECIFY THE MEMBER you’re asking for. (—‘course specially for EXO..lol!)
- Yes, you may send in R18 requests.. (but Jungkook is too precious for this..LMAO, who am I kidding?)
- ASK BOX will be open until tomorrow midnight (2014.10.10; 12am KST.)
- ANSWERS will be posted over the weekend. (2014.10.11 - 2014.10.12)

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Guardian - Hongbin


Open your eyes..

I’ve been longing to hear that command for the past twenty years since they put me to sleep. Yes, it has been twenty years, many have changed on Earth. Many have died and many had been born through those years I’m on rest. I wonder who took over my place while I’m sleeping?

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