Hi! I'd like to req a Wolf Suho Scenario. Before Suho had became alpha 2 his pack he fell in love w/ a human girl, bt when he told her what he ws she didn’t accept him. He ws devastated & began 2 hate humans. Yrs later Suho still hasn’t found love. Lay’s mate’s best frnd is human & well aware of who they are. She ws invited 2 a pack party. When she arrived ws introducd 2 Suho, who ws suddenly upset that a human ws there. But her scent captivated his wolf wanted her but he ws afraid 2 gt hurt. TU

Hi hun. I’ve done your request :) 

here’s the link 


thanks for requesting. please do request again

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Humans- Suho (Request)

Hi yes I have finally done a request. Please do send in more requests.

I might have changed the plot slightly. I hope you like it :)

Request: Wolf Suho Scenario. Before Suho had became alpha to his pack he fell in love with a human girl, but when he told her what he was she didn’t accept him. He was devastated and began to  hate humans. Years later Suho still hasn’t found love. Lay’s mate’s best friend is human & well aware of who they are. She was invited to a pack party. When she arrived was introduced to Suho, who was suddenly upset that a human was there. But her scent captivated his wolf wanted her but he was afraid to get hurt

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I’m working on all the requests that have been sent in please send in lots lots more !!!

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Yay so i’m currently working on a Suho Wolf request please do send in more scenario requests !!

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will you answer the old requests & ships & stories that you didnt answer if there are any? welcome bac!!!

hi there! i’ll be answerinng some old ships in the ask box, there aren’t any scenario requests, until there are any story request i’ll probably be writing from inspiration.

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Writing again

Whooo I’ll be writing again so please send in requests and story plots to write . and ship sundays will open again next week !! please send in lots

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Kris Issue

you know what’s really pissing me off. The fact that everyone is just like don’t believe this don’t believe that, and the constant spamming of the click this and click that to stop people from spamming the idols. Just stop. Exo needs a break, we need a break okay. Just chill out. I haven’t been online the past few days because all i ever see on my dash is about the kris issue and i can’t stand all the negativity, it’s so rare to find one happy post about exo now. so I don’t think I’ll be online alot until the fandom settles down. because its just too much and its gone way too far.

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Of Kris, other members, and SM Entertainment

Of Kris, other members, and SM Entertainment

Honestly I’m a late bloomer when it comes on loving the kpop world or being a kpopper, and I admit that I still have to learn more when it comes to this stuff. I came here because I loved the warmth of acceptance that my fellow kpopper had given me, and it’s really nice to meet people from different walks of life whom you shared interests with.

I’ve known SuJu, Big Bang, 2ne1, SNSD, T-Ara, TVXQ, and CN Blue way before I joined the bandwagon. It’s with B1A4 that I finally felt dipping into the sea of kpop. I loved the group’s humility and craziness and how they stick for each other. It was then the time when EXO had also released their Wolf album, of course I searched for them over the internet. I had a hard time over their names because they are friggin’ twelve in the group, just try to imagine when I type down their names, I tend to always forget one member’s name. Lol! But that was way back before knowing the group.

Of Kris..

As much as I don’t want to get involved or develop emotional (fan) attachments with a group under SM entertainment, the boys were all a natural charmer, so I gave it a try. I liked Luhan first, and seriously, I was afraid of Kris but when I heard him speak, he literally pushed Luhan down to my bias list; I always call Kris as a total bias list destroyer. As I came to know the group really well, still, something was off. As you can notice, when EXO are doing interviews or tv appearances, Kris tend to just keep his mouth shut unless he had to answer certain stuff. I always say to myself that he needs to speak more, that’s why I’m very happy when he showed his true craziness at EXO’s showtime and EXO’s first box.

..so it came to me as a shock when Kris had filed a lawsuit to nullify his contract with SM Entertainment last Thursday afternoon.

SM Entertainment..

SM truly is the biggest entertainment company In South Korea, but behind the popularity comes also a dark treatment when it comes to their artists. Yes, they may defend their actions by saying that they only want the best for their artists, but it’s also saddening to learn how they treat them. DBSK had been trimmed down to two, SuJu’s Hangeng left, and now it’s Kris.

Understanding Kris’ point of view.

Kris had showed a true leadership ‘style’ when it comes to his members, he let them play after a hard day’s work, and he took care of them as best as he can. But apart from their concept of having supernatural powers, at the end of the day, Kris and the other members are still human who needs to rest. They always say that the best energizer they always have is their fans’ love. Given that it’s true, they too, need to have the basic human needs; he is still after his and the member’s health. I’m not meaning to start a fandom or entertainment company war in here, but seeing how YG treats their artists is way better than SM.

Yes, it’s true that without the power of SM’s popularity and money, EXO is nothing. But keep in mind, there’s also no EXO today, if not for us, their fans. We can’t also blame an artist for signing in a contract, and at some point will end up on filing a lawsuit just to terminate their contract. They signed because they thought they’ll become something better, they had sacrificed a lot of things in exchange of fame, so the least thing we should do as fans is to be understanding and keep the hopes high when everything fell apart for them.

Other members..

When the issue broke up, the first thing that broke the whole fandom was the word ‘unfollow.’ Netizens kept their eyes glued on member’s personal accounts on social networking sites, such as Sina’s Weibo and Instagram. All of us had seen how members had unfollowed (..followed by ‘meaningful’ hurtful updates through their accounts..) Kris, leaving only Baekhyun, following him on Instagram.

Many had praised Baekhyun for being such a loyal dongsaeng to his Laxy hyung, but sunshine doesn’t last long. Clouds covered the sky when news broke out that Baekhyun was being slapped/punished for lying when he told the managers that he left his phone that day. Well, this isn’t the first time SM had lifted a hand to our dear Baek, and other members. News speculating regarding this, states that SM controls every member’s actions, yes even what they post now on instagram. I won’t be really surprised if Xiumin’s instagram would update with a ‘meaningful’ post the coming days too.. (..just like the other members’..)

SM had won over some fans’ heart who, now, hated Kris. Most of them take on Twitter and Instagram to post how they could go on with just the other eleven members, and how Kris just did the right thing? Well, some consideration please?

As for Suho’s comment how irresponsible it is for Kris to do such thing. I won’t blame him for saying so, we all know that he trained the longest in the group, like c’mon, but like any other dramas..it’s like hearing SM saying to Suho..

“I placed you there to become the leader, don’t disappoint me.”

Just like a father who had just given his beloved company to his son. Suho could’ve just said those words because that’s what SM wants to hear from him. He may look strong, but I bet he broke down when the camera’s not rolling.

Back to Kris..

If this decision is what will make him happy, bias or not, I’ll still be happy to support him even if he pursue a solo career outside singing. After all, it was not his real passion to do rap. But as much as I want him to follow his dreams, it’s also hurtful for us, their fans, to see a member go.

EXO won’t be the same again if he’s not there..

EXO won’t be EXO if this laxy hyung/oppa is not there..

If he doesn’t come back, I think, I’ll never look at kpop the same way again, or at SM at least.



Kris, we believe in you, keep on fighting and be strong on what still has to come. I hope we’ll be able to see the same smile we loved from your face again.

Keep on fighting, EXO, and give your trust to him.

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